Back for You

Back For You
ISBN: 978-0-9920027-0-1

Back for You

A Forsythia Falls Story ~ Book 2

He came back for her. Now if only he could convince her that’s a good thing…

If there’s one thing bar owner Thea Maguire knows for sure, it’s that you can’t trust men to stick around. They’re only good for one thing—fun and games. Anything more than that? No way. Case in point, Cain Marshall. She’d trustingly given him her heart and he’d left her high and dry

“…fun, sexy, emotionally charged…exactly what a good read should be.” ~ Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies Reviews

to follow his dreams. So she’s more than a little skeptical when he shows up claiming he’s come back for her.

Cain has never forgotten Thea, nor stopped loving her. Nor has he forgiven himself for leaving her behind. But the Siren call of adventure and ambition had been a heady combination he couldn’t ignore. Especially when the fear of being tied down was riding his tail. But if the past ten years have taught him anything, it’s that life without Thea isn’t worth living.

Sparks are flying, and the heat is undeniable. Now it’s up to Cain to convince Thea they belong together.

Warning: This book contains a sexy, smoldering bad boy, excessive margarita drinking, drunk dialing, and oh yeah, plenty of molten-hot graphic sex.

Book 1 in the series ~ Bound and Determined
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He’s back.

The shock of it rippled through Thea Maguire’s entire body as she fought the crazy urge to rub her eyes raw. She had to be seeing things.

But nope, there he was. Big as life. Borne out by the jolt of awareness now zipping its way through her entire system.

She was still trying to absorb it when she realized something else—the man still made her stupid heart go pitty-pat. How on earth was that even possible?

Not wanting to look like a gawking statue, she grabbed her bottled water and raised it to her suddenly parched lips. Maybe it would help quench her thirst, and more importantly, maybe it would cool her off because all of a sudden she was feeling uncomfortably hot.

Why was Cain here in the one place he was sure to run into her? After all, he’d managed to avoid her for the past ten years.

From her vantage point in one of the tall banquette seats she’d had installed during the bar’s last renovation, she grudgingly admitted that the tall, dark epitome of masculine gorgeousness now dominating the room was a stone-cold fox. Always had been. Still, the flushed and fluttery feeling invading her traitorous body shouldn’t have been happening. Not with their history. She knew better.

Or should have.

But against all logic, her hungry gaze took in everything from his too-long, thick, dark hair to his long legs clad in well-worn faded denim that lovingly hugged all the important parts of his anatomy. Lingering with appreciation on his big, broad shoulders, she admired the strength evident in every line of his lean, tall body. The kind of strength that could carry an anything-but-petite woman such as herself up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat. She sighed at the memory of his strong arms holding her close, taking the stairs two at a time in his desperate race to get her naked.

Yep. A girl could be forgiven for reacting to the likes of Cain Marshall. Even after all these years, he was way-more-tempting than any man had a right to be.

It was really kind of annoying. The least he could have done was go bald and get fat. That wasn’t too much to ask for, was it?

Thea forced herself to stop enjoying the view while she slapped down her wacky libido. She needed to remember who Cain was. And why she hated him.

She sat back and took another pull on her water as she watched him scan the room. A sexy combo of confidence and charisma radiated off of him, accompanying his perusal as if he were the one who owned the bar instead of her. She could’ve been annoyed by that, maybe should have been, but she knew it was just his way. As a take-charge kind of guy, he couldn’t help himself. It was an innate part of who he was.

Just like his bold-faced nerve in showing up here in the first place.

It figured that today, of all days, she’d slept in and had to rush to work. No makeup, messy hair caught up in a jaw clip, throwing on the first thing she’d grabbed. Thank God she’d slapped on some lipstick or she’d look like the walking dead.

Her first inclination was to slouch down into the seat in hopes he wouldn’t spot her, not that she’d ever give in to her inner wimp. Instead, she sat taller, threw back her shoulders and crossed her legs. She had great legs. More importantly, Cain had always loved her legs. At least her worn denim shorts showed off her best asset.

The invasive desire to know what he thought of her now ate at her. Had she changed very much since he’d last seen her? Did he still like what he saw?

She shouldn’t care, and God knew she’d be mortified if Cain had an inkling of what she was thinking, but there it was. Her sane, logical side said it shouldn’t matter, but her vanity wanted him to be struck dumb by her beauty. She wanted him to regret dumping her, and the feeling was made more acute because the passage of time had only added to Cain’s allure. It had made him a man. Sexier. Harder. Colder.


As if on cue, Cain’s sharp gaze zeroed in on her like a human GPS. There was no missing the glint of hot recognition in his piercing gray eyes. It told her as plain as words what was on his mind, and there was no doubt he recognized her. Nor had he forgotten anything about their steamy time together.

But then, neither had she.
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